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Soups of the Day

Wednesday August 21, 2019
Pint 4.95  Bowl 3.95  Cup 3.25 - A ‘Blizzard’ is a Pint with Two Breadsticks 6.75
(v) - Indicates Vegetarian Item

Sirloin Stroganoff
Stuffed Pepper
Italian Wedding
Turkey Chili
Creamy Tomato Parmesan (v)
Old Fashioned Chicken Noodle

Today’s Specials

Julius Cruizer Wrap
A soft white wrap spread with caesar dressing, rolled with sliced limon chicken, applewood smoked bacon, sliced hard boiled egg, crisp leaf lettuce, and red ripe tomato, finished with shredded parmesan. 7.45

Olympic Greek Salad
A bed of crisp romaine topped with Mediterranean seasoned chicken, feta cheese, Kalamata olive, roasted red pepper, chopped tomato, and sliced cucumber. Served with a side cucumber sauce and a side of house made Greek dressing. 7.45